Bestselling not only top 10 of 3D board,wall panels cladding

beach restuarant, Moroco

Piano, South Africa

Diamond, Beijing

Mosaics, Germeny

Sandstone, USA

3D metal panels, Manhatten, Suzhou

Manhatten, Beijing

wave panels, Inreda,South Africa

Faktum, Singapore

Beach, USA

Inreda, Hungary

Faktum, Hungary

Inreda, Greece

Feelings, Greece

Spring, Beijing

Choc, South Africa

Inreda, Tailand

Rubik, UK

Laker, UK

Beach, South Africa

Sandstone, South Africa

Winmill, Japan

3D metal panel, Angel, Dalian

Palm, Beijing

Dream, Beijing

(Banboo Fiber 3D panels)


(Banboo Fiber 3D panels S)


(Metal 3D panels)

(Melami 3D panels)

Our products including 3 series: Eco, PVC, Metal. All products is designed and manufacturing by us, Beijing TLH, and with patents and copyrights.

Eco panel made of bamboo & sugarcane fiber, popular in US and Europe for its eco-friendly, light weight and DIY charactors. But surface treatment should be by expert workers. (size: 300*300, 500*500, 600*600, 625*800, 1000*1000mm)

PVC covering panels is colored and stable, easy to keep cleaning and install. Popular in Asia and New rich area. (300*300, 500*500, 600*600, 625*800mm)

Metal cladding is made of steel, suitable for exterior and interior decoration. (500*500mm)


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installation of 3D wall panels



Bestsellings of 3D wall panels cladding

Bestsellings of 3D wall panels cladding, 3D board decor wall paper

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